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A global research university with an uncommon emphasis on undergraduate research and education, UC Santa Cruz is part of the world’s most celebrated system of public higher education, and stands among the most renowned institutions of higher learning.

Research news

Image of a coral reef. Coral reefs in the U.S. alone provide over $1.8 billion in annual flood risk reduction benefits and safeguard some of the most vulnerable coastal communities in U.S. territories,

Natural protection

Coastal communities—especially vulnerable ones—face escalating risks from climate change, natural disasters, and the loss of coastal habitats. The UC Santa Cruz Center for Coastal Climate Resilience has partnered with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to seek equitable, nature-based solutions.

Angela Brooks, 欧洲杯官方网站 Professor of Biomolecular Engineering.

Research on lung cancer drivers may improve treatments

Professor of Biomolecular Engineering Angela Brooks was awarded a $2.5 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to study how gene isoforms impact cancer progression and what treatments might be most effective or lead to drug resistance.

Dudleya chasmophyta flowers. (Photo by Stephen McCabe)

UC Santa Cruz names new, rare succulent species

The plant, from Orange County, was named by experts including Stephen McCabe, a researcher with the UC Santa Cruz Arboretum—part of an effort to help conserve the many threatened species in the genus Dudleya.

Real-world experience

Undergraduates have the unique opportunity to participate in world-class research, both creative and scientific, at UC Santa Cruz. Both undergrad and graduate students gain academic experience and career exploration as they engage in the pursuit of knowledge.

person building a research device.

Research with impact

Student working in a lab using a pipette

Research programs and units

The campus’s research activities range from small groups within academic departments to large units with connections outside UC Santa Cruz.

Research support

The Office of Research is dedicated to working collaboratively with the UC Santa Cruz community to advance research and demonstrate its impact.

Two people posing for the camera with the ocean in the background and a drone hovering over them.
3 students outside the science and engineering library.

University library

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